Modern Satellites Take Over Historical Satellite Play In Poker?

O’Kearney is a professional player. There were a lot of strategies which involved both short term and long-term rewards. He believed that one thing that lost the satellites on the Stars were the different kinds of players similar to him who would grind the satellites for the prize offered by the tournament and would use that money for roll online. The time when he knew about his excellency was around the UK and Poker Tour of Ireland. He knew well that every time the landscape altered, he needed to adjust to the same. In short term, it helped but in long term it became difficult.

He describes one of the games online as, the first of the satellite games in 2008. 200 were blind and they were 500 big deeps. They played whole night while the stacks moved barely and around 7 a.m., the support had gotten up and said sorry to them, giving them both packages.
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Poker Tournaments At The 2018 Goliath And More

The 2018 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Goliath festival will take place on 25th July at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry and will continue till the 5th of September. The Goliath Main Event winner will be crowned on the last day of the event. The last player with £125 buy-in Goliath will walk away with a minimum of £100,000 towards the initial investment. In addition, they will be awarded as a champion of live poker tournament of the United Kingdom. Goliath is the main point of the event, there will be over a dozen of events which include the £58 UK Senior’s Poker Championship, £58 Grosvenor UK Women’s Poker Championship, many Redtooth Poker events and a few English Championship Of Amateur Poker (ECOAP) organized by APAT.

With so many poker tournaments being organized you may be wondering that its only poker games that the Goliath 2018 has to offer. Well, you are highly mistaken as Grosvenor Casinos has a whole lot of things planned during the tournaments to ensure that everyone takes active part in it. The casino promises to organize cash games throughout the event. The poker room is massive and more than 30 tables can be arranged smoothly. If you wish to play poker after anytime during the festival, you can do so. The all new daily Flip n Gos poker activity will definitely be interesting you one can win £125 Goliath seats from only £13.

Then there’s the food, and who doesn’t love food? We all do. Breakfast is arranged from 7 am with Grab n Go options which includes hot dogs, pies, jacket potatoes, and burgers organized from 12 pm. One can enjoy a delicious dinner buffet as well after 5 pm. If you wait till 8 pm, the Grosvenor Casino Coventry opens its own restaurant offering steak menu. Whether you become the champion of Goliath or not, but you will definitely go home with a full stomach.

Brian Rast Leads After Day 1 Of Poker Masters

$100,000 NLHE Event #5: Negreanu in Third.

First day of the Event #5 of Poker Masters: $100,000 successfully drew 35 players, and faster-than-anticipated of anyone the field of 35 whittled down to 15 players with opening Super High Roller Bowl (SHRB) champ Brian Rast’s stack of 959,000 leading the way.

The final table will certainly be at least 36 players as according to the information, Byron Kaverman will move into the action tomorrow. The event winner will finally walk away with over $1.5 million (Same prizes and payouts will be announced after the registration comes to a close), which is good enough to offer to the winner of Purple Jacket™ of The Poker Masters.

For example, Steffen Sontheimer with a stack of 696,500 is still alive. This week, he has made three final tables and has even won Event #2. Presently, he is at the top of the Poker Masters leader board with earnings of $1,221,000 million, this means one more cash could lock it up for him possibly.

The upcoming six players on the leader board of earnings busted on the first day, it means only left players close to Sontheimer in terms of earnings are Fedor Holz with $550,000 amount, Jake Schindler with $409,500 amount, and Stefan Schillhabel with the $306,000 amount.

It is also worth noting if Daniel Negreanu with 745,500 can pull out a win, and considerable amount was not added to the Sontheimer total, “Kid Poker” is all set to win more than $1 million his side bets of highly-publicized.

Day 1 chip counts of event #5: $100,000 NLHE

• First Brian Rast from USA with chip count 959,000.
• Second Justin Bonomo, from USA with chip count 780,500.
• Third Daniel Negreanu from Canada with chip count 745,500.
• Forth Steffen Sontheimer from Germany with chip count 696,500.
• Fifth Fedor Holz from Germany with chip count 662,500.

Marquez Claimed WSOP $393,000 Event

While sitting at the WSOP final table tournament, Anthony Marquez from Oxnard the 33 year-old poker player, who was an accountant got the smell that time is not in favor of him as he didn’t have the perfect hands with him.

However, he was aware that if his opponent flipped the right cards, then his ace and king will work for him and could show the exit way to his most dangerous opponent Daniel Weinman, the 29-year-old poker player from Maryland.

“My opponent had the habit of putting his head on his right hand, whenever he used to have good hands. And when I saw my opponent cradling his chin, I bet big,” said Marquez

Later, when Steven Buckner and Weinman pushed all their chips on the table, Marquez took his powerful move and became bold again. He called the bet, after placing chips of over $2.5 million at risk.

The move helped me in kicking off my opponent on the train. Marquez was joined by his parents, who came to the event after taking a long journey when they got the news that their son could be on the cusp of victory. Marquez parent Santos and Susan watched the hands that he slipped away and also the one that he won.

“The game was like the ride of a roller coaster, so much of amusement was there. During the game, sometime I feel like vomit because and anyone would feel the same way as your stomach is tied in knots. Meanwhile, you are cheering up the player.

Speaking about the game of Marquez, his father said that Anthony begged me to get in the poker. He has got focus that is required for the game like poker. This is the quality of Marquez, after getting the bad beats, he doesn’t get frustrated, and he tries to come out of the situation.”

Seventh Bracelet Of Men Nguyen

To win the seventh bracelet of his Men Nguyen participated in the 2010 World Series of Poker, and in the event he captured the event no. 10, 7-card Stud World Championship the $10,000.

In the round, he was in a fight with Phil Ivey and Billy Baxter.

During the early morning hours of the event, Nguyen earned $394,800; the point was enough to get the victory in the event. He defeated the poker pro Brandon Adams.

The match was very interesting and entertaining and it diverted the attention of people who were there to watch the much awaited match between the last week’s Players Championship Michael Mizrachi and Vladimir Schemelev. Nguyen stole all the crowd of players and move ahead in the tournament without checking at his cards.

There was time in the match where Nguyen was in opposite to Adams, Nguyen said, “Man, I have got six bracelets and I want one more! And how many bracelet you have? One? Or None? Don’t worry, you defeat Men “The Master” in the tournament and tomorrow you’ll become famous!”

Adams was also determined to win the match and thus he was taking extra precaution in every step. He kept all the needs of the match with him. Even on the hand that was final, Nguyen entered from behind to lock up the event on Seventh Street with a five-outer. When the hand was about to get down, Nguyen agreed to get the chips of Adams that he was having in the middle blindly. Adams was delighted to get an opportunity to double up with the queen he was having with a 10 showing. Adams moved on to pair the queens. However, luck favored Nguyen and he claimed the title. Nguyen won the match, the bracelet and the prize money.

PartyPoker Rebranding Campaigns

PartyPoker has a lot of rebranding campaigns lined up for this New Year.

One of them is a world tour that it has planned, a new format called PartyPoker Live. It would see an innovative new series of tournament games in poker. The tour will attract several participants as there would be a large pool of guaranteed prize money in stake.

The brand has been on the live scene for poker for several years, but more on the sidelines. It is now trying to take on a bolder image in the millions concept. Indeed, the brand introduced the Sunday Million game series. This year the brand has several innovative events planned that will take place in different countries where the brand has legalized operations. The teaser of the upcoming events has been announced on its social media channels as well as through its official blog. The live tour will start off in Canada and it will then tour countries like Macau, UK, the Caribbeans and then go beyond.

Every stop will include a buy in tournament with a value of $5000 along with a million dollars in the prize pool. The Live games of PartyPoker would be rivaling the WPT events as well as championships organized by PokerStars. PokerStars recently gave up the European Poker Tour and opportunities in the scene of live poker tournaments have opened up. There are more opportunities for competitors to fill in gaps that were initially filled with events in EPT. Hence, it could be said that PartyPoker is seizing the opportunity presented. The company has run several live events earlier such as Dusk Till Dawn in UK as well as several TV tournaments. These have been the testimony of the company’s ability to run different live poker events, and hence it is reviving the efforts once again.

Daragh Won PocketFives Triple Crown

Ireland’s poker player Daragh Davey is among some player of online poker who not just play this game to experience the thrill and entertainment.

But, they also play it to win it. Davey has won; he has won five tournaments in the gap of two days. This is his first Triple Crown win. rewards a Triple Crown badge to fellows of site. The condition for winning the badge is member player has to win three tournaments available on three different poker networks. Each tournament should have minimum 100 entrants and it should also have the prize pool of minimum 10,000 Dollars. The tournaments should be played in the span of seven days.

The talented player Davey not only fulfill all criteria of’s Triple Crown badge by winning three matches in a row, but he did that in 24 hours less than maximum time given by Davey won all three matches in the span of just 24 hours. Tournaments won by Davey are bet365 Poker on 20 November the prize was of $2,984, After Work at Winamax on 20 November the prize was $6,641 and hot $55 at PokerStars on November 21 the prize was $6,939.

Davey would have qualified for badge before 24 hours, he almost got his $22 no-limit hold’em 6-Max Hyper-Turbo at PokerStars. But, at the end of the game he finished in second position. The tournament happened on same day i.e. 20 November.

Now, the winning amount in online poker game for Davey has gone to $1,338,704 in total. Moreover, his position on the Irish online poker rating has climbed higher and now his current position is ninth. Davey’s overall ranking is expected to improve once will update its list of Triple Crown badge winners. Everyone is watching Davey’s ranking now.

Unusual Online Poker Promotions

Online poker and gambling websites would do anything to promote traffic to their sites.

As online traffic is much related to high exposed and credible sites of the top universities of America, there was a recent hack scheme that was uncovered that attempted to raise SEO rankings by getting links from such sites inadvertently. The hacking scheme targeted several top universities such as Carnegie Mellon, New York University and Stanford in order to get boosts in rankings for an online slots and poker website.

The schools have a high SEO ranking on Google. For that reason, the hacking scheme targeted to place links in course descriptions and other online publications of these sites like press releases which were unrelated to gaming and were placed at random.

The links, as long as the hacking scheme was not discovered, helped to get the rankings up for the online slots game site. As a result the website is able to charge as much as $80 for a single ad with the rise in the rankings.

The slots website URL was not disclosed by eTraffic, which discovered the hacking scheme. They stated that the money involved in online poker and gambling is substantial. Hence, websites often look for ways to get past the organic way of growing SEO rankings and to get a step up in a faster manner. There will probably not be any legal case in this issue. However, there was a recent case where FIFA gamers have been charged with an unregulated gambling offense. There has been a rise in the use of video games to gamble on sports. This was a recent case that was caught by officials in the UK. Here the offenders were found to promote unlawful gambling through YouTube videos. Both offenders are from Essex and are due to appear in court in October.

888poker changes their loyalty scheme

888poker, one of the largest online poker companies in the world is revamping their loyalty curriculum on 28th March, in a move that assures it move from a rakeback model to one rotating around disputes, tokens, as well as climbing the various levels of the scheme.

Popularly called the 888poker Club, the brand new loyalty program at the 888poker rewards players with points when they finish challenges at poker tables, on casino matches, or 888’s sportsbook. Once poker players hit an aim amount of points, they budge up levels and get Gold Tokens that could then be ransomed for prizes.

Players would also get a Club Scratchcard every time they climb 5 levels and would never be moved down a level if they determine to play less poker, or casino games, or probably bet less. The contrary is true for the most of the online poker VIP plans where you have to keep a certain level of play in order to carry on getting rewards.

Also, there are 888poker Club Free Tournaments going on every day with combined mixed monthly prize kitty of US$ 100000. The old loyalty program of 888poker was top-heavy with a few financial honors at the bottom of the scale, even though high-volume grinders might get 36% of their rake back. This would no longer be the example once the alterations come into play, but a representative of 888poker posted on Two Plus Two poker forum which the firm is happy to accolade their cash-back loyalties under the present scheme.

Tribe received reservation for Massachusetts casino

A Native American Tribe was offered a reservation on which to make a casino within the Massachusetts borders. As per an Associated Press report, the Bureau of Indian Affairs assigned Mashpee Wampanoag lands as a reservation earlier on Friday. In September, United States Department of Interior agreed that they would take three-hundred-twenty-one acres of tribe-owned land into trust on their behalf. Officially, the Tribe was recognized in the year 2007.

The Mashpee Wampanoag are hatching a plan for a US$500 million casino in the Taunton city. In a statement, Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council Chairman Cedric Cromwell stated that this strengthens their right to self-determination now and for future generations. After decades of painstaking work, they are overjoyed the United States government has officially issued this reservation announcement, as they are finding the rebirth of their country.

If really made, the casino would be the 3rd in the Bay State. Respective programs from the Wynn Resorts as well as MGM Resorts International are becoming a reality slowly. Last year, a Penn National Gaming slots-only parlor opened. Still, Massachusetts could give another casino license to a developer, a location which would be near Mashpee Wampanoag’s proposed casino.

Under the regulations of the compact, Massachusetts would still get seventeen percent of gaming win if the Tribe’s casino is the only one of their kind in the southeast area of the state.